How to Remove a Convertible Top From a Chevy Tracker

by Christian Killian

Removing the convertible top on your Chevy Tracker allows you the freedom of open-air driving on days when the weather is nice. The canvas top is able to fold for good weather and you can put it back up when the weather dictates the need for it. Chevy does not recommend completely removing the top as incorrectly reinstalling the top will allow it to leak both air and water around the edges. If you choose to take the top completely off the truck, be sure you realign all the retainers on the edges when reinstalling it.


Remove the rear window from you Tracker. Open the tailgate all the way and pull the rear corners of the top out of the track on the body. Pull back the canvas flaps to expose the zipper.


Unzip the rear window and let it hang straight down on the outside of the body. Pull the rear window frame bar toward you then slide it out to the left side of the truck with the window attached. Set it somewhere safe.


Remove the side windows from the truck. Pull the top and rear quarter Velcro attachments loose then unzip the window. The zipper will only go around the top and rear edge of the window.


Pull the front edge of the window forward to release it from the body, and pull the lower part of the window down to release it from the track at the bottom of the window. Set the windows aside in a safe place.


Unsnap the two snaps on either side of the dome light and pull the front of the top forward and out of the channel on the roof. Fold the entire top back to the rear of the truck. The top can be stowed in this position until you want to raise it again.


Roll the rear window and mounting bar up and stow them between the tailgate and the rear seat. Roll the two side windows up and stow them behind the seat as well. If you need to raise the top in a hurry, you now have all the parts with you to do so.


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