How to Remove a Broken Locking Gas Cap

by Anthony Smith

An unprotected gas tank leaves you vulnerable to thieves and vandals, and the rising price of gas makes the loss of your fuel even more damaging to your pocketbook. You can install a locking gas cap on your car to prevent thieves from siphoning the gasoline right from your tank. But when the cap eventually breaks or a key is lost, you will also need to know a method for removing it.

Mark a location on the gas cap that is 1/2-inch in from the outside edge of the cap.

Use a 1/8-inch drill bit on an electric drill to drill a hole on the marked location. Drill in only until you feel the bit go through the first layer of the cap. This will produce a hole that is in between the black rubber seal and the white nylon ratchet of the cap.

Insert an ice pick into the hole.

Apply pressure in a counterclockwise direction to twist off the cap.

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