How to Quiet Engine Rod Noise

by Neal Litherland
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Engine rod noise is often referred to as "rod knock," a hard, thumping knock that comes from your engine rod knocking against the overhead cam. This can be the beginning of the end of your engine if it's not caught soon enough, because as the knock gets worse the engine can seize or the rod can snap.

Step 1

Drain the oil and change the filter. If the oil is excessively dirty, or it's been a long time since the filter and oil have been changed this could be what's responsible for your engine rod noise. If the oil looks clean, or the noise persists even after the oil change, the noise is caused by a different problem.

Step 2

Examine the rod bearings. You may have to remove the oil pan to get to the bearings and the actual engine rod. Examine these to make sure there are no loose pieces, broken bolts or incorrectly sized parts that could account for a loose operation or problem with vibration that's causing the knocking.

Step 3

Stop driving aggressively. Abusive driving can often lead to engine rod noise, or make an existing problem worse.

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