What Is a Quick Exhaust Valve?

by Brooke Ashley
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Quick exhaust valves are used on certain mechanical parts to speed the reaction time of each part. These valves exhaust air into the atmosphere rather than through another valve, and are also commonly used in plumbing and engineering applications.

Use in Air Cylinders

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Quick exhaust valves increase the speed cycle on single- or double-acting air cylinders. Compressed air moves from the valve to the cylinder when the valve is shifted, then from the cylinder to the atmosphere. Installed at the cylinder's ports, this valve may come with mufflers to dampen the sound.

Use in Clutches and Brakes

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Quick exhaust valves provide quick response when clutches are shifted and brake pedals are used. Used in conjunction with an actuator, these valves relieve the pressure forces when brakes are pushed, sending the compressed air into the atmosphere rather than through another valve. Through a heat barrier plate, the actuator and valve assembly are protected from extreme temperature.

Other Applications

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This valve is also used as a flow control valve to obtain speed control in cylinder ports, or as a shuttle valve. As a shuttle valve, the quick exhaust valve is used in two separate pressure lines that go to one destination.

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