Polaris Ranger Four-by-Four Specs

by Lars Tramilton
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The Polaris Ranger four-by-four is a three-seater ATV (all terrain vehicle) that is useful for a variety of different applications, including outdoor adventures, ranches, farms and work sites. The Polaris Ranger four-by-four came onto the market in 1997 and was manufactured by a Medina, Minnesota-based company by the name of Polaris Industries. The Polaris Ranger four-by-four consists of various different specifications.


The Polaris Ranger four-by-four has a four-stroke engine, which means that the engine requires four separate strokes to complete a full cycle. The four necessary strokes are intake, compression, power and exhaust. The single cylinder engine has an electric starter motor. "Engine displacement" is a term used for the description of the volume of the cylinders within the engine. The displacement for the Polaris Ranger four-by-four is 499 cc (cubic centimeters). The horsepower for the engine is 23 horsepower.


Both the front and the rear brakes of the Polaris Ranger four-by-four are hydraulic disc brakes. Hydraulic brakes utilize a system of multiple pistons. The system permits the transmission of force to a minimum of two pistons. Hydraulic brakes utilize brake fluid to bring pressure to the brake mechanism. Disc brakes are responsible for stopping the ATM from moving. Disc brakes are composed of rotors, pistons, calipers and brake pads.


The Polaris Ranger four-by-four is 75 inches in height, with a width of 60 inches. The overall length of the ATV is 113 inches. The dry weight (which includes all standard equipment, fuel, oil and other essential fluids) is 1,214 pounds. The word "wheelbase" describes the full distance between the middle parts of the front and rear wheels. The wheelbase of the Polaris Ranger four-by-four is 76 inches. Ride height (also known as ground clearance) refers to the total space between the bottom of the four-by-four framework and the tire base. The ride height of the vehicle is one foot. The fuel capacity for the ATV is nine gallons.

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