How to Pass State Emissions Inspection

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If you've failed state emission inspection, or you think that your vehicle may not pass the emission inspection for whatever reason, you may want to try this before spending alot of money on repairs.

Get some "dry gas" or similar gas line antifreeze and follow the instructions on the container. You can find this product at Walmart, Target or auto parts store.

Drive the car around to make sure it's all mixed up in the tank. You may have to drive around for a few miles to burn the mixture for a while to eliminate any unburned gas remaining in the catalytic converter or exhaust system.

With the mixture still in the gas tank, go to the state inspection station and have it inspected or if it has previously failed, return to the inspection station and have the vehicle re-inspected. The vehicle should now pass inspection. If it doesn't pass this time, the vehicle may need professional repair.


  • close Be certain to follow instructions on the product.

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