Which Parts of the Car Are Made From Rubber?

by Neal Litherland

Cars are made up of a huge number of parts and pieces, and all of them work together to create a single, functional machine. Additionally, a variety of materials are used to make car parts. One of these materials is rubber, both natural and synthetic, which is used in a number of areas.


One of the most obvious parts of a car that's made from rubber is the tires. Tires come in a variety of sizes with a variety of treads, and they're more often made of synthetic or recycled rubber. Tires are also vulcanized, which is a process that involves adding sulfur to the molten rubber as it dries to make the rubber stiffer and harder to wear away. Tires can be recycled once the treads have worn away, and some types of tires can be retreaded for further use.


Anyone who has ever opened the hood of a car has no doubt seen a number of hoses running through the engine. Many of these hoses, such as the air hoses and radiator hoses, are made of rubber. Rubber provides flexibility that plastic can't always provide, and it's resistant to a number of chemicals used in a car. Additionally, rubber can tolerate heat and cold well, though it will melt or crack at temperature extremes.

Gaskets and Covers

Rubber is also used to make gaskets used in cars. Gaskets help create a seal so there's no leak when fluids are flowing through junction areas in a pipe or a hose. Rubber is also used to cover electrical wires and to create shields for electrical parts and pieces in a car such as the spark plugs. Rubber doesn't conduct electricity; thus, as an insulator, it prevents a charge escaping and damaging other parts of the vehicle.

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