Overheating Problems With Pontiac Sunfires

by Pamela Rivers
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Overheating is a problem common in many vehicles, especially older vehicles. Overheating in Pontiac Sunfires appears to be even more common based on the amount of discussion you can find on the Web about this issue.

What to Check

The obvious first step for any overheating problem is making sure that you have filled your tank with coolant and that that tank is not leaking. If both of these steps have been taken, getting a check of your overall cooling system could be called for.

Next Steps

If your tank isn't leaking, you may need to perform a compression test to see if coolant is being burned up. A coolant system pressure test may also be required.

Other Issues

Overheating can be caused by other issues. You might have a fan that is not running properly or a broken thermostat. You may also have issues with a head gasket or radiator hoses. A Consumer Guide review also notes that overheating issues could be due to the radiator filler neck, which is standard on the Sunfire.

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