How do I Overcome Fear While Driving a Two Wheeler?

by Kimberly Turtenwald
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Driving a two-wheeler, especially out on the open road, is a more nerve-wracking experience than driving in an enclosed vehicle, such as a car. Some people are afraid of driving a two-wheeler because of past experiences or simply because of stories they have heard from people they know or on the news. However, being afraid of driving a two-wheeler does not mean that you can never drive one. If you are sure you would like to drive one, you must work toward overcoming your fear.

Step 1

Take a motorcycle safety course to learn how to ride safely. Some drivers of two-wheelers do not practice all safety measures and thus are more prone to accidents and injuries. If you know proper safety practices, you're less likely encounter problems.

Step 2

Practice in open spaces with no traffic. Find a large parking lot after a store has closed and practice riding straight and making turns. The more comfortable you are on the two-wheeler, the less fear you will have.

Step 3

Drive in varying conditions when there is little to no traffic to get used to driving in poor weather. If you panic when you drive in poor weather conditions, you are more likely to make mistakes and crash. However, if you make yourself familiar with the differences of driving in different conditions, you are less likely to panic.

Step 4

Focus on your desire to ride rather than focusing on your fears. If you dwell on how afraid you feel, your fear is more likely to take over and make it impossible to ride. The old cliche of mind over matter really holds true in these circumstances.

Step 5

See a psychologist to help you learn fear-coping techniques. Techniques psychologists use can help you to overcome your fear and focus on relaxation so you can enjoy your rides.

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