My Nissan Maxima Radio Will Not Work After Changing the Battery

by Zyon Silket
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The radio in your Nissan Maxima will not work after you replace the battery because the radio has a built-in anti-theft system. When power is removed from the radio -- which happens when you disconnect the battery -- the radio is locked out and you must have the security code to validate that you are the owner of the radio before it will work again.

Step 1

Locate the code for your radio. This code is given to you by the dealer when you purchase the vehicle. Usually, you can find the code on a card stored in the owner's manual. If you cannot locate the code, take a ride to a Nissan dealership. They can provide the code to you.

Step 2

Start your Maxima and then turn on the radio. The radio prompts you for the code as soon as it powers on.

Step 3

Enter the code using the station-select buttons on the radio.

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