How to Make My Powerstroke Turbo Louder

by Ryan Hotchkiss
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Making your Powerstroke Turbo louder is a matter of increasing the turbo whistle. When a turbo wraps up at high rpm -- burning reconstituted exhaust -- the high pressure and high velocity of carbon monoxide through the turbo makes a whistle or screaming sound similar to that heard from a jet engine. Manufacturers of the Powerstroke added a silencer ring to the turbo in order to quiet the whistle. By removing the silencer ring, you can increase the volume of the turbo whistle. Removing the silencer ring will not damage the turbo or the engine, nor will it reduce the turbo's performance.

Step 1

Turn off your engine. You can not open the manifold cover on the turbo or remove the silencer ring if the engine is running.

Step 2

Lift the hood and remove the manifold cover on the turbo by releasing the securing tabs holding it in place. Look into the intake hose for the snap ring. The intake hose is the only hose running into the turbo manifold. You will not be removing the intake hose, you are removing something from inside it, the snap ring holding the silencer ring in place. The snap ring will be located at the mouth of the intake hose. A snap ring looks like a horseshoe. It is open on one end and has a tab on the other for removal.

Step 3

Pry the snap ring off with the 1/4-inch screwdriver. Once you have removed the snap ring, you will see the silencer ring. It is an entire circle. Use both screwdrivers to pop the silencer ring free from the mouth of the intake hose. Replace the manifold cover on the turbo and you are ready to restart your Powerstroke.

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