How to Make a Frame for a Hoist

by Grahame Turner

Hoists are powerful lifting devices capable of raising the engine of a car, for example. However, to actually function, a hoist needs to be placed on a frame. A sturdy hoist frame isn't too hard to build out of some existing materials. The process is similar to building a swing set, but with some modifications to allow the frame to support immense weights. A wooden frame is capable of carrying an engine block.

Step 1

Place the three 2-by-6 planks together, so they create a 6-by-6-inch beam. Glue the planks together. Clamp the beam down.

Step 2

Use a drill bit marginally wider than the 7-inch bolts. Drill all the way through the beam, then push the bolt through and screw the nut into place. Repeat with the other 7-inch bolts, spacing them evenly along the beam.

Step 3

Lay two 2-by-4 planks on top of one another to make a 4-by-4 beam. Screw the planks together with 3-inch wood screws, then flip the piece over and screw from the other side. Repeat three more times to make four legs total.

Step 4

Arrange two legs to form the side of an A frame. The top-most corners of the planks should be about 6 inches apart, and the bottoms of the planks should be about 7 feet apart. Glue and clamp the beams together.

Step 5

Place a 2-by-4 across the bottom of the A frame, so that it meets with both outer corners of the A frame. Trace the bottom of this piece of wood with a marker.

Step 6

Cut off the bottoms of the wooden frame.

Step 7

Cut the remaining 2-by-6 pieces into four 2-foot planks. Place one of the 2-foot pieces about 6 inches below the top of the A frame and screw it into place with the wood screws. You need at least three screws on each side of the A frame.

Step 8

Place a 2-by-4 plank about a third of the way up your A frame. Line up the end of the 2-by-4 with the side of the A frame. Cut the excess beam off the end. Screw the beam into place.

Step 9

Place the excess beam from the previous step on the A frame toward the bottom. Cut off any excess wood. Screw this into place.

Step 10

Flip the A frame side over and attach a second set of cross beams. You need a 2-by-6 beam 6 inches from the top and two more 2-by-4 pieces along the side.

Step 11

Repeat the previous steps to make a second A frame side.

Step 12

Trace the end of the 6-inch beam onto a piece of cardboard. Cut out this template.

Step 13

Align the template so that it rests on the top of the 2-by-6 plank. Trace the template.

Step 14

Cut the excess wood to create a void inside the A frame where you will store the beam. Repeat the tracing and cutting with the other A frame.

Step 15

Slide the end of the 6-inch beam into the slot atop the A frame. The two pieces should be at a 90-degree angle. Screw the beam into place. Repeat with the other end of the beam and the other A frame.

Step 16

Hold a 2-by-4 plank at a 45-degree angle between the 6-inch beam and the middle 2-by-4 on the A frame. Screw this into place and trim off the excess.

Step 17

Attach your hoist to the middle of the 6-inch beam.

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