How to Make Car Payment Online

by Mike Andrew

Each day, thousands of people pay everything from their mortgage to their credit cards online. Online payments save consumers the cost of stamps, provide rapid transfer of funds, and allow swift credit to the consumer's account. Because most auto loan providers accept online payments, you can make your car payments from the comfort of your own home in just a few short steps.

Sign up for online account management with your auto loan provider. Type the provider's web address into your Internet browser and hit the enter key. Click "create account" or "register." Enter your account information as directed and establish a username and password for online access.

Access your account online by visiting the loan provider's website, and entering your username and password. Click on the account you wish to pay or the option entitled "pay bill."

Provide the source of funds for your payment. Enter a checking or savings account number and your bank's routing number. Depending on your loan provider's payment policies, you might be able to pay with a debit card linked to a bank account.

Enter the amount you wish to pay in the appropriate space. Select the date on which you would like the payment to occur.

Click "submit" or "pay" and print a copy of the payment confirmation page for your records. Log out of your account and close your web browser.


  • check Bookmark your loan provider's website in your web browser for easy future access. If a bank with which you have a checking or savings account offers online banking, you can also use your bank's online bill payment service to pay your auto loan, regardless of who gave you the loan. Enroll in your bank's online bill payment service and set up your auto loan provider as a payment recipient by entering the name of the loan provider, your account number, and any other required information.


  • close When using your bank's bill payment service to pay an account outside that bank, allow an extra two or three days for your payment to reach its destination. Always ensure that the source of funds for your payment has enough money to cover the amount due. Paying your car loan from an account with insufficient funds could result in late fees and overdraft charges.

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