How to Locate Buick Paint Codes

by Tamara Runzel

Touching up a small ding on your car could turn into a big mess, if you don't match the paint on the car perfectly. Fortunately, every car has a paint code listed on a small sticker or plate inside the car. Finding the paint identification code on your Buick will ensure you get the touch-up paint that is the closest match to your vehicle's original color. General Motors manufactures Buicks. The company has one of the trickier paint identification systems, but once you find the paint identification code, you are on your way.

Step 1

Check your owner's manual. This is the easiest way to find your Buick's paint code because every owner's manual will tell you where to find the paint identification number on your vehicle. The manual will not tell you the actual paint code.

Step 2

Start checking some of the standard locations for Buick paint identification numbers, if you do not have your owner's manual. Most vehicle manufacturers place their paint identification sticker in the same spot. The most common spots on Buicks are the glove box, under the trunk or on the spare tire cover. Other possibilities include: inside the jamb of all four doors, under the driver seat or in the wheel house of the vehicle (this is the area around the wheel). The sticker is clearly labeled "Service Parts Identification" and "Do Not Remove".

Step 3

Look at the lower area of the sticker for the paint code. Buick codes usually have three or four numbers and may start with the letters "WA."

Step 4

Determine if there are one or two paint codes. If your vehicle is two-tone, you will see two sets of numbers. One will start or end with a "U," and the other will start or end with an "L." The number that starts with "U" is the paint code for the upper color. The number that starts with the "L" is the lower color. If your Buick is only one color, the "U" or "L" doesn't mean anything.

Step 5

Call your dealer if you cannot find the paint identification number. Give them your vehicle identification number or VIN and they can look up your paint code. On most vehicles, you can find the VIN on the driver's side dash.

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