How to Lease a Mini Cooper

by Mark Ivanko

So you're all done with searching for a new car, and you've decided to go with a Mini Cooper. It's great on gas, small on the outside, big on the inside, reliable and a good bang for your buck as long as you get the perfect lease deal. Let's look at what's needed to lease a new Mini Cooper.

How to lease a Mini Cooper

Do your shopping online. Take a look at a few websites that offer lease quotes from dealerships.,, and are just a few sites that you can receive multiple quotes from dealers of your choosing. (See Reference.)

Know what you want. Figure out exactly what you need for your lease to get the best pricing. Figure out the colors and options you want, how many miles per year you'll need for your lease, how long of a term and how much down payment you are comfortable with putting towards your lease.

Be financially ready. Check your credit score online and make sure that there are no errors or late payments that might hinder your getting approval from the bank when it's time to get your new Mini Cooper. (See Resource 2.)

Pick a winner. Get back all of the quotes from the dealerships you contacted and choose the best quote. Schedule a day and time to walk into the dealership to pick up your new Mini Cooper. A lot of times you can have the vehicle filled with gas and detailed before you even get there to minimize the amount of time spent at the dealership.

Get your paperwork in order. When you go into the dealership, you will usually need three main things for them to process all of the paperwork: a valid driver's license, a valid insurance card (not expired) and a filled out and signed credit application. If you don't have a credit application on you, you can always fill one out when you get there.


  • check Always try to find out what the money factor and residual value are for the lease that you are buying. A lot of times dealerships will try and make money by selling you the money factor (effective interest rate used for the lease) at a higher price than what they buy it for and keep the difference.

Items you will need


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