How to Lease a Corvette Z06

by Keith Perry

The Chevrolet Corvette Z06 is a high-performance model with additional horsepower and handling characteristics. Many performance enthusiasts and collectors enjoy the Z06 for a daily driver or track day car. Leasing a Z06 Corvette allows you to enjoy the vehicle without the full purchase price. A lease also provides the driver with a vehicle that is under warranty for the duration of the lease. A lease may be perfect for some people but not for users who wish to modify the vehicle or own it long-term.

Review and decide which optional features and colors on the Z06 you wish to lease must include.

Calculate the dealer cost of the Z06 with the features you desire. New car price calculators are available, and a link is provided in the Resources section.

Calculate an Internet-based lease estimator to determine an estimated lease price using your parameters, including lease duration and mileage.

Locate a Chevrolet dealer using the dealer locator included in the Resources section. Contact the dealer and arrange for them to acquire a Z06 model you wish to lease.

Negotiate with the dealer on the price and parameters of the lease. Carefully review that the lease agreement, verifying the mileage per year, duration and additional fees are as expected.

Sign the lease and pay any upfront costs to the dealer such as a down payment or dealer fees.

Contact your insurance agent to insure the Z06 as soon as possible.


  • check Perform the scheduled maintenance to reduce the risk of damage fees at the end of the lease.


  • close Always carry gap insurance to protect yourself from financial loss should the Z06 be destroyed and your insurance does not cover the residual value of the vehicle.

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