How to Lease a Car With No Credit Check

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Lease a car with no credit check - Looking to lease a car with no credit check? It is possible! Here are a few ways you are able to lease this car and receive approval without having your credit looked at.

Have a co-signer - One way to avoid your own credit check is to have a co-signer sign off and have their credit checked instead. If your co-signer has a decent credit score and can prove they are capable of handling the payment you can be approved.

Offer other items for collateral - If you have a home, condo, another car paid for or any other valuable item you can offer this up for collateral. Basically what you are agreeing to is the company can take this valuable item if you default on your lease. This can free up the need to check your credit.

Work with a car company you have before. If you have leased or bought a car and paid for it with no problems before that car company might be able to work with you again without running a credit check. They might even offer a cheaper rate than other companies.

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