How to Keep Safe Using a Car Panic Alarm

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Any new car you buy comes equipped with both keyless entry and a door-lock remote. The remote also sports a panic button, which is a great feature that offers more security and safety. There are a variety of ways that you can use your car panic alarm to keep safe besides the obvious. Consider the following ideas to supplement your current personal safety measures.

Sleep with your keys. By making it a habit to bring your keys to bed with you at night, you have the added security of your car alarm should you hear suspicious noises. In the event you do hear someone breaking in, simply press your car panic alarm button, and you greatly increase your chances of scaring the burglar away.

Arm yourself with your keys when shopping. Always keep your car keys out and ready with the panic alarm button at your fingertips when you're entering or exiting a mall or store. If you feel you're being followed, don't hesitate to press the button to keep the bad guys away.

Exercise within your car's alarm distance. If you drive to a park to take your morning walk, or if you stick to your neighborhood, carry your keys in your hand. Added safety is only a button-press away if you choose to stay close to your car.

Enlist your car alarm as an escort home. When returning home from an evening out, resist the urge to leave your keys in your ignition whether you park in the driveway or in the garage. Take your keys and your panic button with you from the car to your door because there might be someone lurking either in the bushes or inside your garage.

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