How to Install a Supercharger

by Editorial Team

The installation of a supercharger is something you can anticipate with enthusiasm, not dread, because of the awesome power that will be added to your engine. By following a few simple steps, you can make installing a supercharger kit a relatively easy task.

Step 1

Clean or wipe off the inside of any hoses or parts before attaching them to prevent debris from contaminating your newly installed supercharger.

Step 2

Install the oil drain hose onto the drain fitting and secure it with a hose clamp.

Step 3

Place the supercharger on the car, making sure the oil drain line points down. Then get underneath your car to attach the oil line to the drain in the oil pan.

Step 4

Attach the idler assembly to the supercharger with 12 mm or 3/4-inch bolts. Use a wrench to secure the bolts.

Step 5

Push the intake elbow gently onto the supercharger. This won't be easy. You can use a mallet to add some force without causing any damage.

Step 6

Insert the black elbow so that it goes from the fender to the inlet.

Step 7

Cut a hole for the air temperature sensor before you install the back elbow. The hole can be made with a drill bit. The sensor should be placed near the outer part of the elbow bend.

Step 8

Attach the elbow to the tube that is connected to the airflow meter.

Step 9

Place hose clamps onto the end of the inlet tube. This will allow you to slip on the blue rubber hose that will go on the end of the inlet tube. This blue hose is between the inlet tube and the back elbow.

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