How to Install Subwoofers & an Amplifier in a Toyota Prius

by Teresa Rodriguez
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The Toyota Prius comes with one of two installed stereo systems, both by JBL. The standard system features six speakers and a matched amplifier. The upgraded, optional system features nine speakers and a CD-changer. Neither system, however, features a true subwoofer. The Prius does offer some installation challenges over standard cars, however, but they can be overcome.

Step 1

Open the rear storage compartment. This is an excellent location for a powered subwoofer. The proximity to the Prius battery makes connection easy.

Step 2

Drill a single 3/4-inch hole in the plastic pan above the spare tire.

Step 3

Remove the red plastic cover from the battery cable, and crimp a ring terminal on the amp's hot lead and the battery cable. This allows you to connect the power wire to the the Prius' hot lead to supply power to the amp.

Step 4

Attach the powered subwoofer within the storage compartment, using the supplied piece of industrial Velcro.

Step 5

Run the line level audio cable through the back seat and along the door frames of the Prius.

Step 6

Connect the wire ends of the audio cable to the rear speaker terminals on the Prius system amplifier. The Kenwood unit provides several yards of cable for running the wires through the Prius.

Step 7

Close the compartment door.

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