How to Install an Aveo Oxygen Sensor

by Nina Hughes

The oxygen sensor in your Chevy Aveo is an important component of your vehicle. It is responsible for regulating oxygen levels in your fuel. This controls your gas mileage as well. If the oxygen sensor fails, your Aveo could run poorly and your gas mileage would go down drastically. You can install a new oxygen sensor yourself safely with just a few tools.

Step 1

Remove the large air intake pipe from your Aveo's air box and from the rear turbo. Also, remove the two smaller air pipes from the air box and from the blow-off valves. This will give you access to the pre-catalytic converter, which is where the oxygen sensor is located.

Step 2

Use the seven-eighths-inch wrench to remove the old oxygen sensor. You may need to spray on some lubricant if it is difficult to remove. This will help loosen the threads. Disconnect its wires from the vehicle's wiring harness.

Step 3

Apply anti-seize paste to the new oxygen sensor's threads. This will make for an easy removal for next time. Be careful not to get any of the paste on the sensor itself, or it could ruin it.

Step 4

Screw in the new oxygen sensor. Connect the wires to the Aveo's sensor wiring harness with the crimp connectors. Fully tighten the sensor with the wrench to secure it.

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