Information on Hyundai Golf Carts

by William Norman

The Korean automaker Hyundai also manufactured golf carts during the early 1990s. Owners of these popular vehicles, available in gas-powered or battery-powered versions, face difficulties in finding parts for their vintage carts today.


Hyundai introduced its golf cart in 1991, according to the Golf Cart Guide. These vehicles quickly achieved a reputation for quality and reliable performance, making them extremely popular. Some carts used a gasoline engine, while others relied on a 36-volt electric motor for power.

Limited Production

Despite the popularity of its gold carts, Hyundai permanently ceased production of these vehicles by 1995. The company decided to exit the golf cart market, leaving behind a stock of replacement parts estimated to keep owners supplied through 2001.

Replacement Parts

Finding parts for Hyundai golf carts can prove challenging for present-day owners. the Golf Cart Guide recommends ordering a service manual including the complete list of parts numbers for that particular model, then conducting a search online for vendors carrying those specific parts.

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