How to Identify a Baldor Motor by ID Number

by Floyd Drake III

Headquartered in Fort Smith, Arkansas, The Baldor Electric Company maintains 26 manufacturing plants in five countries that produce industrial electric motors, mechanical transmissions, drives and generators. Baldor electric motors are designed for industrial applications and are divided into two categories: alternating and direct current, or AC and DC. Identification of Baldor motors, which also includes the Reliance brand, requires obtaining the model or catalog number from the ID tag found on the motor housing.

Step 1

Locate the Baldor ID tag on the motor housing. The ID tag, which features the Baldor logo, is affixed to the main motor housing in plain sight. On the tag is a variety of codes and electrical specifications, all of which aid in positive identification, as the same model Baldor motor may have different ratings, depending on the intended application.

Step 2

Write down the information found on the ID tag. Important sections include the model/catalog number, the frame number and the electrical ratings. When referenced to the base motor model, this information aids in further identification. The ID tag sections all have headings, with an example Baldor model/catalog number being "EL3403."

Step 3

Reference the Baldor catalog/model number to the appropriate Baldor listing. By searching the model number against the Baldor product listing for both AC and DC motors, the motor can be identified. With each motor product description, Baldor provides complete statistics and electrical information. The listing contains the two major motor groups, with model numbers given when an individual motor group is selected. When referenced to the Baldor listing, model number "EL3403" identifies an AC phase one motor with 1800 RPM and a 115-230 voltage rating.

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