Identification of a VW Jetta Transmission

by William Boyce
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The VW Jetta has been available in the United States since 1979 and is available with a wide range of engines and transmissions or transaxles. Depending on its production year, the Jetta may have an automatic transaxle with three, four, five or six different ranges. Manual transaxles come with four, five, six and seven gears.

Vehicle Identification Number

The Vehicle Identification Number, or VIN, is critical to getting the right parts for your Jetta. You will find it printed on your registration and insurance papers. It is also on the vehicle identification plate which is on the left front door jamb. The plate also tells you the month and year of your vehicle's production.

Manual Transaxle Type Numbers

The code letters for the manual transaxle appear on a small plate attached to the bell housing. The stamped type number for a manual transaxle is on the side of the transaxle. You can find the type number by putting the vehicle up onto jack stands and looking on the end of the transaxle near the driver's side script assembly, on the bottom side of the transaxle.

Automatic Transaxle Type Numbers

The code letters on an automatic transaxle are on a metal plate near where the transaxle butts up against the engine. The stamped transaxle type is in the metal of the housing, away from the engine and closer to the front wheel. Both the code letters and tight become visible by your raising the vehicle up onto jack stands and viewing from underneath.

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