How to Replace a Fuel Filter in a 2003 Dodge Caravan

by Sam OrrUpdated November 07, 2017
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Items you will need

  • Fuel filter

  • 1/2-inch wrench

  • Towel

Changing the fuel filter on your 2003 Dodge Caravan regularly can prevent particles from getting to your engine. The owner's manual calls for the fuel filter to be replaced every 30,000 miles to ensure a clean fuel system. The filter is located below the van under the passenger seat making for easy access. You will also benefit from the van's increased fuel efficiency by replacing the fuel filter.

Access the fuse van's panel which can be found under hood. Remove the fuse responsible for the fuel pump. Start the vehicle and allow it to run until the engine stalls out.

Find the fuel filter located under the van, on the passenger side, along the frame rail. The filter will have two fuel lines attached. Using you hands remove both fuel lines.

Using your 1/2-inch wrench, remove the fuel filter from the mounts and gently remove it. You can now install the new fuel filter, bolting it back into the mount, and ensuring the arrow on the filter points towards the engine. Reattach the fuel lines to the new fuel filter.

Reinstall the fuel pump fuse to the fuse panel and close the hood. You can now start the van.


Towels can be used for cleaning up fuel spillage. When starting the van, once the filter has been replaced, it may take a moment to start. The system will have to purge the air our before the van will start.

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