The Best Glues to Use on a Hubcap Center

by Daniel Westlake
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Hubcap centers often have the brand name of the automobile manufacturer on them or have nothing but unattractive lug nuts which keep the wheel in place. Automobile purists, or just people who really care about the looks of their cars and their wheels, will often try to cover the center of these hubcaps with caps of metal. This can be done effectively with glue which will attach plastic or metal to the middle of the hubcap.

Two-Part Epoxy

Two-part epoxy is a type of glue that bonds metal to metal and plastic to metal incredibly well. However, this glue must have it's parts mixed correctly in order for it to work properly. If it isn't mixed correctly, the glue won't dry in the right way, an inadequate bond will be formed and the centerpiece you have glued down will break off. There are a couple of different types of two-part epoxy. Five-minute epoxy is for quick bonds of metal to metal or plastic to metal. However, if you are adding something to your automobile, take some time with it and go with the epoxy which takes a longer time to bond, as it will have more strength over time.

Cold Weld Compound

Cold Weld Compound comes with two different components which consist of an epoxy and a hardening agent. These must be mixed properly to work when joining something to the center of a car's hubcap. Once it is mixed and applied it remains pliable for up to 30 minutes. Then it should be left alone for at least four to six hours, as it hardens on the center of the wheel. If it can be left alone for a longer period of time, it should be as the full hardening of this cold weld usually doesn't take effect for nearly 24 hours. J-B Weld is a reliable brand of Cold Weld Compound.

Krazy Glue

Krazy Glue is a brand of incredibly strong glue which can hold two pieces of metal together, like a cover on the center of a hubcap. However, preparing the surface for this Krazy Glue is the most important. All metal surfaces should be cleaned and sanded down so that there is no residue which can interfere with the bond that will be made between the center of the hubcap, the glue and the cover you are attaching. Krazy Glue Advanced formula is an even stronger type of this glue and can only be removed with acetone.

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