Geo Tracker Engine Specifications

by Neal Litherland

The Geo Tracker is a vehicle that's built on a sport utility vehicle frame which was popular during the late 1990s. While only used models are available now because production of new models has stopped, the specifications for the Geo Tracker's engine, still used in other models, can be easily found.


The Geo Tracker engine isn't what might come to mind when you think of an over-sized, hulking sport utility vehicle. The engine on the Geo Tracker only puts out 95 horsepower. The Geo Tracker's engine is capable of 5,600 rpm (rotations per minute). This engine is strong enough to drive the Geo Tracker, but it is not powerful enough for some activities that one associates with SUVs such as easily towing large cars or boats.


The Geo Tracker's engine is a four-cylinder, inline engine. According to Motor Trend, each of the four cylinders in the Geo Tracker's engine has four separate valves. Larger sport utility vehicles tend toward six or eight cylinders for additional output and power, and a four-cylinder configuration is more common among compact cars. However, the smaller engine makes the Geo Tracker more efficient and less costly to run than many other SUVs.

Other Statistics

The engine displacement is 1.6 liters, and it has a 75 millimeter bore and a 95 millimeter stroke. The engine boasts a 9.5 compression ratio, and it's made of light alloy block to help achieve a lower weight. The fuel economy is 21 mpg highway/city combined.

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