Freightliner Clutch Adjustment Procedures

by Michael Batton Kaput

Truck drivers know that on long hauls, nothing is more important than safety. Wear and tear on a Freightliner clutch can lead to unsafe driving and impact truck performance. A well-adjusted clutch, however, can see you safely to your destination.


The clutch on most American trucks must have clearance of at least 1/2-inch between the back of the clutch release bearing and the transmission front. After enough time, that gap will widen significantly, impacting performance and damaging the clutch.


On Freightliner trucks without a clutch brake, the clutch must be readjusted if the gap is greater than 7/8 inch. On a truck with a clutch brake, it needs adjustment if wider than 5/8 inch.


To adjust the clutch on a Freightliner, the clutch locknut must be loosened. Then, the adjuster ring must be rotated to 1/2 inch of clearance in a truck with a clutch brake and 3/4 inch in a truck without a clutch brake.

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