How to Flush the Radiator in a 2000 Chevy Monte Carlo

by Paul King
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Chevrolet recommends a 50/50 mixture of clean water and Dex-Cool antifreeze. The 2000 Chevrolet Monte Carlo owner's manual says that this ratio will "give freezing protection down to 34 degrees Fahrenheit" and "give boiling protection up to 265 degrees Fahrenheit." The manual also recommends changing the Dex-Cool antifreeze every five years or 150,000 miles and indicates that using any coolant other than Dex-Cool will require radiator flushes and coolant changes approximately every two years or 30,000 miles. Maintaining the recommended 50/50 ratio in a complete coolant change requires 1 3/8 gallons of antifreeze and 1 3/8 gallons of water.

Step 1

Park the Monte Carlo on solid level ground.

Step 2

Open the hood and inspect the radiator and hoses. Replace damaged or leaky hoses right away. The front of the radiator may show a buildup of of dead insects and plant matter. Soak the radiator with the garden hose and scrub the debris off with the brush.

Step 3

Allow the Monte Carlo's engine to cool completely, and then remove the radiator cap. Do not remove the radiator cap before the engine is completely cool. Serious injury can result.

Step 4

Place the drain pan under the radiator below the drainage petcock.

Step 5

Open the petcock and allow the coolant to drain until it stops flowing.

Step 6

Insert the garden hose into the top of the radiator and allow water to flow through it until no more rust or old coolant drains from the radiator. You will need to stop occasionally to empty the drain pan.

Step 7

Close the petcock and add fresh antifreeze and water in equal amounts until the radiator is full.

Step 8

Replace the radiator cap and run the Monte Carlo's engine for several minutes. Allow the engine to cool and recheck the coolant level. Add additional coolant if necessary.

Step 9

Dispose of the used coolant in a safe and legal manner.

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