How to Fix Scratches on a Car With a Sharpie

by Randall Shatto
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Agata Urbaniak;

Scratches occur when rocks or debris fly up while driving. In addition, parking lots are dangerous for your vehicle from careless drivers. Door scraping or shopping carts cause the most common damage. Fixing scratches at a body shop can be an expensive venture. Using a Sharpie will mask or almost completely remove the eyesore and leave your car in tiptop shape.

Step 1

Purchase an Ultra Fine Point Permanent Marker Sharpie. Match the color of the Sharpie to the car's paint. Approximately 35 colors are available such as pink, gray and purple.

Step 2

Use tape on the top and bottom edge of the scratch. The tape acts as a guide to keep the Sharpie in line with the scratch. Only use non-residue tape, for instance 3M blue tape or painter's tape.

Step 3

Wipe the scratch area with a moist washcloth. Additionally, you may wash the entire car before beginning the process. Removing any stuck on debris or filth will allow the marker to dry properly. Wipe with the dry washcloth.

Step 4

Color in the scratch. Use the Sharpie in a straight line over the area. Carefully shade in completely.

Step 5

Allow the marker to dry about two hours. Remove the tape gently. If you cannot pull the tape up, use a hot washcloth. Hold the cloth on one side of the tape for one minute. The glue will loosen.

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