How to Fix an RV Flush-O-Matic Toilet

by Kim Sarah
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Like homes, many RVs have bathrooms containing a fully-functioning toilet. The Flush-O-Matic is a toilet model made specifically for RVs. It is smaller and made to attach to the small space in an RV bathroom. However, it may have the same problems as a household toilet such as clogging or broken parts. Though a professional could be called in to get the repair job done, it's potentially much more affordable and less time-consuming to get it done yourself.

Remove Blockages

Step 1

Place the rubber portion of the plunger in the base of the Flush-O-Matic toilet. The highest point of the rubber suction cup should be centered over the hole in the bowl of the toilet.

Step 2

Press the plunger vertically downward into the bowl of the toilet. Pull the plunger upward with a swift pull. Do not separate the plunger from the bowl. The force used to pull the plunger upward should be stronger than the force pressing down. This will release any blockage by moving it to the wider top portion of the piping in the toilet. Repeat the up and down motion for as many times needed to release the blockage.

Step 3

Remove the plunger from the toilet. Place the plunger to the side on a piece of newspaper or drop cloth to prevent the toilet water from ruining the floor in the RV.

Flush the Flush-O-Matic toilet by pressing the flush lever downward with your hand and then releasing it. If the water flows freely down the hole in the bowl of the toilet, the blockage is fixed. If the water rises or does not change, repeat the plunging process.

Replace Parts

Step 1

Examine the Flush-O-Matic Toilet for damaged parts. Look for worn or torn rubber in parts such as the flange under the base or the bobber in the tank. Check the metal parts such as the bobber arm or flush lever for bends or corrosion. Examine the body of the toilet for dings, dents and cracks that could leak.

Step 2

Contact a Flush-O-Matic parts dealer by phone or online to order parts. Use the Flush-O-Matic model number or part model number to order the correct part. These numbers can be found in the tank or on the backside of the toilet's seat. Part numbers, if they exist for a part, can be found on the body of the part.

Install the parts in or on the Flush-O-Matic. Follow the instructions in the toilet manual or part manual that comes with the part to install the parts. Remove old and damaged parts before installing new ones.

Drain-Cleaning Mixes

Step 1

Pour dish detergent or a combination of a quarter box of baking soda and vinegar into the bowl of the toilet. The amount of either solution needed will depend on the size of your toilet, and the severity of the clog.

Step 2

Allow the mix that you chose to use to stay in the toilet. The amount of time will depend on the severity of the clog and the size of the toilet. You may have to experiment or add more as needed.

Flush the toilet by pressing the flush lever downward. If the water flows downward freely, the clog has been cleared. If the water rises or its level doesn't change, repeat the entire process again until the clog is released and the toilet flushes properly.

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