How to Fix a Low-Speed Wobble on a Kawasaki Voyager

by Leah Perry

The Voyager is a model of motorcycle produced by Kawasaki Heavy Industries based in Japan. A lot of different motorcycles, including the Voyager, experience a malfunction called wobbling when driven at low speeds around tight curves and turns. The wobble occurs in the front wheel between the front fork arms due to vibrations emanating from the wheel; this can be fixed by installing a small part designed to fit the frame of your Kawasaki Voyager.


Sit astride the motorcycle with your left foot on the ground and grip the handlebars with your hands. Move the bike from side to side until it is straight and upright. Lower the center stand on the right side of the bike using your right foot to hold the bike in the upright position.


Locate the fork bridge above the front wheel and remove the bolts fastening it to the frame using a socket wrench. The bridge is the metal piece that sits horizontally between the front wheel fork arms.


Slide the fork bridge up and out from between the arms. Place the fork brace between the arms in the same position that the bridge was in previously. The fit will be snug, so you may have to use slight pressure to get the brace in place.


Adjust the brace until it is straight from one end to the other and then insert the included bolts into the predrilled holes. Use a spirit level to ensure the brace is even.


Tighten the bolts on the brace to secure it in place between the fork arms. If your brace came with decorative caps, press the caps into the holes in the brace to cover the bolt heads.

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