What Is an Engine Casing?

by Heather Bliss
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Image by Flickr.com, courtesy of Adam Pniak

An engine casing is an important protective part of an engine that helps keep things from getting sucked or tangled in the engine components. Engine casings are widely used to protect and house even the simplest engine.


An engine casing is the outside cover of an engine, and is usually made of metal. An engine casing can also be called an engine case or a case cover.


The engine case protects an engine from outside debris and pollutants.


In case of engine failure, an engine casing will protect the driver of a vehicle by keeping broken debris inside the casing.


Types of engines with engine casings include motorcycle engines, jet engines, diesel truck engines, automobile engines and steam engines.

Fun Fact

The Wright Brothers' 1911 Model B Flyer was built with an engine casing.

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