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How to Dispose of Brake Pads

by Angela Reinholz

Many car owners like to complete simple car maintenance tasks like changing brake pads at home to cut back on the cost of hiring a mechanic to work on their cars. Once you have completed the brake pad change, you often end up having old brake pads kicking around the garage or shed. Proper disposal of the brake pads can prevent extra damage to the environment or fines from your waste management company.

Step 1

Check the brake pad to see what kind of metal that it contains and place the brake pad in the proper recycling container. Place the brake pads out with the recycling on trash day if you have trash and recycling pickup in your town.

Step 2

Bring the brake pads to the closest waste management facility and place it in the metal recycling containers.

Keep the brake pad until your town's hazardous pickup day if you think the brake pad may contain asbestos. Alternatively, you may bring it to the waste management facility and notify employees there that you have an older set of brake pads that could contain hazardous waste.


  • Consult with your town's waste management facility to see if there is a fee to recycle old parts. Fees may vary.


  • Do not place brake pads in with normal trash. Some towns and cities will fine you if you do not recycle properly.

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