How to Disassemble a Jeep Cherokee Dashboard

by Lina Schofield

You may decide to remove the dashboard on your Jeep Cherokee for several reasons. Whether you are replacing one of the components of the instrument cluster or you need to repair your heating system; you will have to get the dashboard out of the way before you begin. The dashboard is composed of many pieces including the gauges of the instrument cluster and the surrounding panel, the defroster vent cover and radio panel, along with the panel that surrounds the heater controls.

Step 1

Park your Jeep and apply the parking brake. Prop your hood open and detach the black negative battery cable from its port on the battery with the socket wrench. Open your front doors.

Step 2

Remove the four retainer screws from the base of the instrument cluster panel with the Phillip's head screwdriver. Slide the panel forward and unplug all the electrical connectors going into the back side of the panel.

Step 3

Locate the four screws retainer screws for the instrument cluster and remove them with the Phillip's head screwdriver. Find the eight retainer snaps for the cluster and undo them manually.

Step 4

Identify the two retainer screws for the radio panel. There is one screw on each side of the radio. Remove these screws with the Phillip's head screwdriver and slide the panel forward. Unplug the radio's electrical connectors.

Step 5

Drag the heater control assembly forward. Unscrew the five retainer screws for the center console with the Phillip's head screwdriver and pull the console and shifter cover out.

Step 6

Pry the trim pieces of the dashboard off with the flathead screwdriver then remove the vents in the same manner. Unbolt the top portion of the dash with the socket wrench.

Step 7

Unscrew and the defroster vent cover then undo the retaining clips manually. Remove the cover and the weather stripping by pulling it straight off.

Step 8

Insert the flathead screwdriver under the panels at the bottom of the dash by the doors. Pull down on the screwdriver to pry the panels off. Remove the retainer screws for the kick panels and pull the kick panels straight out.

Step 9

Pry off the trim pieces going around the glove box using the flathead screwdriver to reveal the retainer bolts. Remove these bolts with the socket wrench.

Step 10

Locate the retainer bolts on the ends of the dash panel and remove them with the socket wrench. Remove the final retainer bolt positioned on top of the brake pedal in a similar fashion.Slide the dash towards you and disconnect the electrical connectors going into the back side of the dash. Drag the dash up and carry it out of your Jeep.

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