How Determine the Age of an Evinrude Boat Motor by Its Model Number

by Shreya Mehta

An Evinrude boat motor model number reveals specific information about the engine. It is generally 8 to 12 characters long. The codes in the model number represent the following information in order: style, horsepower, design features, shaft length, year built, and suffix/model run. Decoding the year-built code will reveal what year the engine was built in. Determining the age of an Evinrude boat motor is a simple process.

Identify the model number, which is generally found on a metal tag or sticker on the top edge of the clamp bracket or on top of the swivel bracket housing.

Locate the two-character year-built code, which is the second to last code, before the last, single-digit suffix/model run code.

The year built can be determined with the acronym "INTRODUCES," where each letter is associated with a digit that represents a part of the year-built code. Write out the word "INTRODUCES" vertically and next to each letter, write the digits 1 to 9 followed by 0. I 1 N 2 T 3 R 4 0 5 D 6 U 7 C 8 E 9 S 0

Use this mapping to find out what the year-built code is. For example, the year-built code for the model E70PLEEA is EE. The letter E corresponds to 9, so the engine was built in 1999.


  • check The model number can also be found on the silver core plug or welsh plug on top of the powerhead.

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