How to Determine Your Dodge Truck Towing Capacity

by Jason Alexander

According to the Chevrolet Truck Information Site, compact trucks can commonly tow between 3,000 and 7,000 pounds, a range that varies according to a specific truck's equipment and capabilities. Full-size trucks, the information site reports, can tow as much as 12,000 pounds with various engine and suspension configurations. However, to prevent damage by towing too much weight, it's important to know the limitations of your Dodge truck. recommends using its simple towing capability calculators to determine your truck's specific towing capabilities.

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Determine your truck's Gross Combination Weight by inputting data on your truck, most of which can be verified by referencing your truck's owner's manual. First, type in your truck's curb weight. Curb weight is the weight of an unmanned vehicle without cargo but including standard equipment.

Type in the maximum trailer weight of the towing vehicle. Then list the number of passengers, including the driver, based on an estimated 150 pounds per person. List any additional cargo, accessories or extra equipment. Hit the "Calculate" button. The new figure is your Dodge truck's Gross Combination Weight.

Use the second calculator on the same webpage to determine the Total Towed Weight for your truck. Input the weight of the item to be towed and the weight of the trailer. Hit the "Calculate" button to get Total Towed Weight.

Compare the two calculations. As long as your Total Towed Weight is under the Gross Combination Weight, your Dodge truck can handle towing that specific item.

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