How to Find the Dealer Cost of a Motorcycle

by Jeff Dickinson

For some people, buying a motorcycle is a one-time transaction. The motorcycle may be the only bike a person buys if it is strictly a pleasure toy that will not be used regularly. When you are going to spend thousands of your hard-earned dollars on a motorcycle, you want to know that you found the best possible deal. Paying as close to what the dealer paid should be the goal of every motorcycle buyer. Follow the steps in this article and your next motorcycle purchase will put more money in your pocket and less in the dealer's.


Subscribe to the "Kelley Blue Book Official Motorcycle Guide" or visit your local public library to look at a copy of the publication. This publication has information from motorcycle sales reports and surveys of dealers.


Look at the section in the back of the "Kelley Blue Book Official Motorcycle Guide" called "Loan Codes."


Look for the manufacturer of the motorcycle in which you are interested in the Loan Codes section. The dealer's cost for various models under each manufacturer is listed in that section.


  • check "The Kelly Blue Book Official Motorcycle Guide" is also often available to view at credit unions. Call your nearest credit union and ask if it has a copy of the publication that you can view.


  • close The cost or value of a particular motorcycle can change because of a number of factors. The dealer's cost that you find for a motorcycle one day may not be the same in six months, so check the dealer invoice price regularly.

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