How to Create Your Own Car

by Stevie Donald

It is not as hard to create your own car as you might think. Almost every auto manufacturer allows you to create and build your own car online using a selector tool. You can do this for fun and experiment with different paint colors, accessories and even engine and transmission types. Should you wish to research actually buying and pricing the car, continue with the selector tool to find dealers, financing and get quotes.

Research brands and models. Carefully and realistically consider your lifestyle, "must haves" and "don't needs" for a car. Consider basics like fuel efficiency, transmission types, seating and cargo capacity and reliability. Decide whether you want to pay for manufacturer options like stereo upgrades or luggage racks, or whether it makes more sense to purchase these after market.

Make use of trusted sources for car reviews like "Consumer Reports," the Edmonds website and "Car and Driver." Except for buying a home, a vehicle is one of the biggest purchases you will make. Research so you can avoid buying notoriously unreliable cars. If you are shopping for and creating your own car, you can afford to be choosy.

Go to the manufacturer's website. Look on the site for choices like "Shopping Tools," "Create a Car" or "Build My Own." Alternatively, you can put "Create a "brand name"" into your search engine and this will usually bring you straight to the manufacturer's Shopping Tools section. Be aware that some sites are not affiliated with the car manufacturer but with dealerships and after market option retailers.

Create your car following the steps. You should have a dizzying array of choices. As you create the car, each step will be saved. You can return and change any option. When you are done, you can print out your created car and bring the printout to a local dealership to begin the haggling process and have it ordered for you.

Make use of the other tools provided. Most manufacturers will give you the suggested manufacturer's price and let you locate dealers so you can call around and compare pricing and terms. You may also be able to find trade in value for your old car and even get auto insurance quotes. The entire car buying process can be done online and by phone, and all you need to do is arrange for financing and go pick up your new car.


  • check Using this feature on any manufacturer's website will not obligate you to actually purchase a vehicle. Create and save several cars, so you can compare the options and value without being pressured by a sales person. The two links below in resources are examples. Almost every auto manufacturer allows you to create your car online.


  • close Unless you want to receive calls from dealers, car sales people or insurance brokers, don't put your phone number into any online form.

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