How to Clean a Line-X Bed Liner

by Casey Holley
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A Line-X bed liner, which is applied under high pressure to the bed and tailgate, protects the truck from scratches. You can custom match it to your truck’s paint. Because of the slightly rough surface, the liner tends to trap dirt and debris. You should clean the Line-X bed liner any time you notice visible dirt or debris, or after hauling dirty items. Cleaning the liner will help it look its best and stay in the best condition possible.

Step 1

Sweep any dirt and debris out of the bed of the truck. Pick up any items that may scratch the liner, such as rocks or large sticks.

Step 2

Inspect the liner for damaged areas. If you notice any damage, contact the establishment that applied the liner before attempting to clean it. Trying to clean the liner may make it worse and possibly void your warranty.

Step 3

Treat any stains on the liner using an appropriate cleaner. Use a product that removes lime, calcium and rust stains, if you notice rust on the liner. An automotive degreaser removes most other stains. Rub the cleaner into the stain using a toothbrush.

Step 4

Spray the bed and tailgate with water. Ensure that the entire liner gets wet.

Step 5

Apply automotive grade soap to the Line-X liner. While you don’t have to cover the entire liner with the soap, apply enough soap so you can spread it when you scrub the liner.

Step 6

Scrub the liner with an automotive deck brush. If you are cleaning your Line-X liner at a car wash, use the brush that soaps as you scrub.

Step 7

Rinse the bed and tailgate of the truck thoroughly until no soap runs off the truck when you rinse.

Step 8

Repeat the process if you still see dirty spots on the Line-X liner.

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