How to Clean 4.3L V6 Injectors

by Sameca Pandova
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Fuel injectors can clog over time, resulting in reduced performance and fuel economy along with poor idle and hesitation. There are several methods to clean injectors, ranging from simple fuel additives to removal and professional cleaning of an injector. If your 4.3 liter V6 has high mileage, or has been exhibiting poor running traits, you can choose to start with simpler methods to see if this provides enough cleaning before committing to more intensive alternatives.

Step 1

Pour a quality fuel system cleaner into the engine gas tank. The additive should clean the injectors as well as remove some of the build-up that develops over time in the fuel system. A pour-in cleaner offers an inexpensive and viable preventive maintenance option. One bottle typically treats up to twenty gallons of fuel, and cleaners are offered by a variety of companies through automotive supply stores.

Step 2

Inject an engine cleaner, such as Top End or Seafoam, into the engine. This type of cleaner may be more effective for intensive cleaning of the engine head and injectors than a simple pour-in. It is injected directly into the engine, typically through a vacuum line. With the engine running, remove the vacuum line and slowly feed four ounces into it. Turn off the engine and allow it to sit for an hour, making sure to reconnect the vacuum line. When you start the engine, it will be hard to start, and idle roughly for a few seconds. As you drive the vehicle you will see white smoke from the tailpipes, which is the built-up carbon that has been broken down being blown out of the engine. Repeat the process a second or third time if needed.

Step 3

Remove your injectors and have them professionally cleaned and serviced. For high mileage engines, or those that have seen heavy stop and go use, a professional cleaning can restore performance, or in the case of a malfunctioning injector, a rebuild. The shop cleans the injectors using ultrasonic equipment, and checks the function of each injector via flow testing. This requires removal of the injectors, making the vehicle inoperable while the injectors are being serviced.

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