How to Check the VIN Number of a 1979 Z28

by Lindsey Fisher

A total of 84,877 Camaro Z28s were manufactured in 1979, a record number up to that point. By checking the vehicle identification number (VIN) of your 1979 Z28, you can learn about the engine, where the car was manufactured and its production number.

Step 1

Find your VIN. It can be located on the engine block, the frame of the chassis or on the inside of the crease on the driver's side door. The VIN has 13 characters.

Step 2

Write down your VIN exactly as it appears so you can decode it properly.

Step 3

Check the first character in the VIN. This number should be a "1," signifying that your vehicle is a Chevrolet.

Step 4

Look at the second character. Because your car is a Z28, this character should be a "Q," which designates your Camaro as either a Sport Coupe, Rally Sport or Z28.

Step 5

Find the next two digits. This number should be two digits, meaning your Camaro is a two-door coupe.

Step 6

Look for an "L" as the fifth character in the VIN. This signifies that your Camaro has a 350 cubic-inch engine, which came stock in the 1979 Z28.

Step 7

Check for a "9" for the sixth character in the VIN. This signifies the model year of your Camaro. For 1979 Camaros, this character will be a "9."

Step 8

Find out where your Camaro was made. The seventh character designates the factory. An "L" means your Camaro was made in Van Nuys, Calif.; "N" means your Camaro was made in Norwood, Ohio.

Step 9

Check the last five digits of the VIN. This series signifies your vehicle's production number coming out of the assembly plant. These numbers range from "00001" to "84,877."

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