How to Check the Rear End Oil in a EZ-GO Golf Cart

by Blaze Johnson

In 1954, E-Z-GO golf carts hit the consumer market. After the company's inception, E-Z-GO expanded operations to include the production of compact shuttle and utility vehicles. Properly maintaining your E-Z-GO golf cart will promote the vehicle's longevity and performance. Checking the fluid level for your golf cart's rear axle is an essential maintenance task, which should be completed on a monthly basis, or every 20 hours of operation. Checking the fluid level is an easy task if you have the required tools at your disposal.

Step 1

Switch the vehicle's ignition to the "OFF" position and apply the parking brake. Prevent the golf car from moving by placing chocks behind and in front of the rear wheels.

Step 2

Examine the underside of the golf car, from the rear. Locate the differential housing, which is secured to the center portion of the rear axle.

Step 3

Examine the rear center of the differential housing and locate the fluid check plug. The check plug for the rear end resides between the two differential housing bolts, horizontally parallel with the axle tube.

Step 4

Remove the drain plug with a 13 mm socket. Insert your pinky finger into the check hole, or make a visual inspection, to check the level of fluid within the differential housing. The fluid level should meet the bottom portion of the check hole.

Step 5

Remove the large fill plug located near the top of the differential case, using a 13 mm socket. Insert the hose portion of the funnel into the fill hole.

Step 6

Pour small amounts of SAE 30 motor oil into the funnel, until the fluid level rises to the bottom of the check hole.

Step 7

Replace the plugs for the check and fill holes to complete the process.

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