How to Check the Automatic Transmission Fluid on a 2005 Toyota Tundra

by Elizabeth Arnold
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The 2005 Toyota Tundra’s transmission fluid check and refill holes are located on the transmission body. In most cases, the holes will not feature dip sticks. Due to the absence of dip sticks, you will have to go under the vehicle carriage to check the levels and add fluid to the transmission. When checking the fluid levels, you'll need to follow a few rules and safety precautions to get the correct readings. When adding fluid to Toyota vehicles, make sure to use Toyota Genuine ATF WS transmission fluid.

Step 1

Park the Toyota Tundra on a level surface and apply the emergency brake. Let the truck idle with the AC off so that the transmission fluid is heated between 115 and 130 degrees Fahrenheit. Shift the vehicle through all of the gears to distribute the fluid evenly. Leave the truck idling while checking the fluid.

Step 2

Slide under the Toyota Tundra's undercarriage and locate the transmission, which is beneath the front portion of the truck cab.

Step 3

Locate the overflow plug at the bottom of the transmission oil pan. Next, find the refill plug, located midway up on the side of the transmission body. The plug is a hex bolt with the word “check” etched into it.

Step 4

Remove the overflow plug from the transmission oil pan. If oil comes out of the overflow hole, the transmission has enough fluid in it and you can finish the task by replacing the plug. If no oil comes out of the overflow hole, proceed to Step 5.

Step 5

Replace the overflow plug and turn the Toyota Tundra engine off. Remove the check plug with a hex key wrench and add about 0.4 liters of Toyota Genuine ATF WS fluid to the transmission. Use a funnel to prevent spillage. Replace the plug and start the Tundra engine.

Step 6

Shift the truck through the gears while it is idling to distribute the transmission fluid that you added. Remove the overflow plug located at the bottom of the transmission pan while the truck is idling. If oil drips out of the hole, there is enough oil in the transmission and you are finished. Turn the Tundra engine off and replace both plugs.

Step 7

If no oil drips out of the overflow, repeat Steps 5 and 6 again until oil does appear.

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