How to Change the Transmission Oil in a BMW 528I

by MickeyV
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Transmission fluid is integral in the longevity and functionality of of your BMW and should be changed every 30,000 miles. If you own a BMW 528i and would like to change the transmission oil on the vehicle, you must follow a very specific process. The BMW 528i is a luxury passenger sedan meant to comfortably hold five adults.

Step 1

Start the vehicle and let it run for 10 to 15 minutes so that the various parts in the engine have been thoroughly warmed up. Set the parking brake on the vehicle.

Step 2

Loosen the drain plug on the transmission fluid pan with a wrench and put the draining container underneath the pan. Remove the plug and measure the amount of fluid that drains from the pan. This will be the amount of new fluid that needs to be put in.

Step 3

Remove the transmission fluid pan from the vehicle by loosening the fasteners with a wrench. Remove the gasket and place a small amount of brake cleaner onto a rag. Use it to clean all of the components of the pan.

Step 4

Remove the transmission fluid filter underneath where the fluid pan was, by taking off the attached fasteners with the wrench. Replace the old filter with a new one by re-attaching the fasteners back in their original place.

Step 5

Re-install the fluid pan by refastening it to the vehicle and fill the pan with the same amount of transmission fluid that you removed from the vehicle in the second step. To do so, simply remove the filler plug and pour the fluid in to the necessary level. Replace the filler plug afterward. Be sure to use enhanced Dexron fluid, as mentioned in the BMW Owner's Manual.

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