How to Change a Serpentine Belt on a Nissan 200Sx

by Tim Anderson
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The Nissan 200SX is one of the many editions of the Nissan Sentra that have evolved over the years. The Nissan 200SX utilizes the serpentine belt system to turn various components of the engine, such as the air conditioner and the water pump. Depending on the exact make and model of your 200SX, the number of components driven by the serpentine belt can change, but the overall removal and installation process is the same. Change the belt when it begins to fray and stretch to keep your vehicle running smoothly.

Step 1

Park your Nissan 200SX in a flat, level area such as a garage, where you can keep your work area secure. Set the parking brake and allow the engine to cool. Release the catch for the hood and open it to expose the engine. Look for the serpentine belt configuration diagram on the shroud cover for the radiator or on the underside of the hood. Disconnect the negative battery lead with the adjustable wrench and set it aside.

Step 2

Locate the belt tensioner pulley referenced on the diagram under the water pump hose in most 200SX models (your particular year/model could have it placed differently -- use the diagram to find exactly where it is on your Nissan). Slot an appropriate socket over the end of the nut that protrudes from the side of the tensioner pulley and attach the ratchet to the socket. Turn the pulley in the direction indicated on the diagram to loosen the pulley. Remove the serpentine belt and allow the tensioner pulley to return to its original, closed position.

Step 3

Remove the belt from the other pulleys in the engine. Refer to the diagram chart to install a new belt. Start with the crankshaft pulley and attach the notched sections of the belt to the corresponding pulleys and match the smooth sides of the belt with the smooth pulleys. Work your way up to the tensioner pulley and use the ratchet to "open" the pulley. Slide the belt over the pulley and let it close again to tighten the belt.

Step 4

Start the engine of your Nissan 200SX. Let it run for several minutes and listen for sounds of the belt screeching or flopping. Allow the tensioner pulley four to five minutes to adjust the tension on the belt before driving.

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