How to Change the Horn in a Ford F-250 Truck

by Marlo Peterson

When the stock horn on your Ford F-250 truck no longer works, it's time to change it out with a working horn part. This is necessary so that the truck will pass inspection while also helping to ensure your safety on the road as you drive. A replacement part can be found at parts dealers or junkyards. Once a part is found, the installation is a straightforward process, involving the removal and installation of the new horn.

Locate the stock horn under the hood of your truck. It's the disc-shaped part attached to the other side of the grille by screws and a power cable.

Reach into the hood and remove each screw holding the part in place.

Place the screws in a place where they won't get lost or damaged.

Grip the power cable firmly and remove it from the horn.

Set the stock horn aside.

Position the new horn in place against the grille under the hood.

Screw in the new horn by using the screws you previously removed.

Plug the power cable into the new horn.

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