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How to Change the Battery on Motorcycles

by Contributor

Just as with any other vehicle, the time will come when the battery has to be changed. The procedure is simple, but be sure to use the proper safety measures to avoid harm. The placement can be a bit hard to find and without a few pointers may seem difficult to remove.

Open the seat and look under it for the battery access point. Most motorcycles have the battery situated under the rider's seat. Lifting the seat will let you remove the retaining strap and detach the battery from the case holder.

Examine the battery for any signs of damage or leakage. Over time, the battery may leak acid or build up a crust around the poles that is crystallized acid deposits. These are corrosive and can damage skin and if gotten in the eyes will lead to damage that may not be repairable.

Remove the battery and disconnect from the leads. To avoid sparking or shorting the battery against the frame of the motorcycle, remove the negative cable first. The shock of a battery discharge can cause severe burns and in some cases lead to a heart attack. After you remove the negative cable, then remove the positive cable.

Take off the sensor if the motorcycle is equipped with one and replace it at the same time you replace the battery. Clean the connection points of the cables thoroughly to remove any build up of acid or crystals.

Replace with the new battery in the exact reverse order as removed. Be sure when connecting the cables to connect the positive cable first and then the negative cable.

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