How to Change 2.2L Chevy Injectors

by Don Bowman

The fuel injectors on a 2.2L Chevy are mounted on a fuel rail. A fuel rail is simply a metal, preformed fuel line; the rail has orifices above each intake runner and a corresponding orifice in the intake. Each injector is mounted in the fuel rail and corresponding orifice in the manifold, effectively sandwiching it in place when the fuel rail is bolted to the manifold. This placement method is designed to provide a fuel injector for each cylinder for equal fuel distribution.

Step 1

Remove the air ductwork from the fender well to the throttle body, using the common screwdriver to loosen the clamps. Remove the cap on the fuel Schraeder valve, located on the fuel rail. Hold a rag over the valve and press the valve core to release the fuel pressure. Very little fuel will escape; however, by holding a rag over the valve, the fuel can be captured.

Step 2

Disconnect the electrical connectors on all the fuel injectors by pinching the base of each of the connectors and pulling them off. Remove the bolts that secure the fuel rail to the intake manifold, using a 10 mm socket. The fuel rail sits on top of the fuel injectors. Notice that the fuel rail has two fuel lines attached. The fuel line that is connected directly to the rail is the feeder line; the other line is connected to the fuel pressure regulator. This is the return line, and its function is to allow the excess fuel to return to the fuel tank during any overpressure condition. These hoses are left in place, since there is enough slack in them to lift the fuel rail and injectors high enough to be serviced.

Step 3

Place the screwdriver between the fuel injectors and gently pry up on the fuel rail. It should not take any effort to remove the injectors from the manifold. Pry the fuel rail up just enough to remove all injectors from their holes in the intake manifold.

Step 4

Pull the injectors out of the fuel rail. An O-ring, located on the top of the injector, is the only components that holds them in place.

Step 5

Install a new O-ring on the top and bottom of the new fuel injectors. Apply a small amount of oil to make them easier to install. Press the new injectors into the fuel rail.

Step 6

Lower the injectors and carefully align each injector with its corresponding hole in the intake manifold. Place a hand on the top of the fuel rail and gently press down while checking the alignment on all of the injectors to make sure each one is going into the hole properly. At the same time, make sure that the electrical connector is facing in the right direction; if not, rotate as required.

Step 7

Press the fuel rail down when you are satisfied with the injector alignment. Press down until all the injectors "pop" into their position in the manifold.

Step 8

Install the bolts that secure the fuel rail and tighten without over-tightening them. They are installed into a plastic manifold so they should not be overtightened. Plug in the electrical connectors and attach the air ducts.

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