Causes of Toyota Drive Shaft Noise

by Aaron Marquis

The drive shaft of your Toyota is the direct link that transfers your engine's power to the rear wheels of the vehicle. The tremendous rotational torque that your engine applies to the drive shaft accentuates any irregularities in the shaft or connecting parts, causing considerable noise. Maintain your drive shaft to avoid serious vehicle damage in the future.

Worn U-Joint

The U-joints on your Toyota's drive shaft are what connect the drive shaft to the transmission and rear axle. The tremendous torque transferred from the engine to the drive shaft puts significant stress on U-joints and, over time, causes significant wear. Worn U-joints cause the drive shaft to whine, vibrate, and completely disconnect from the transmission and rear axle. Replace your Toyota's U-Joints to stop drive shaft noise and prevent catastrophic engine failure.

Unbalanced Driveshaft

A warped drive shaft on your Toyota will cause significant vibration and noise under the body of your vehicle. You may warp your drive shaft by "bottoming out" in your vehicle or enabling large items, like rocks, to be pinned against your drive shaft. As the drive shaft spins to thousands of revolutions per minute, the warp in the shaft causes unstable rotation and noise. The only solution for a warped drive shaft is complete replacement.

Improper Lubrication

Improper lubrication on the U-joints of your Toyota's drive shaft causes whining and grinding noises under your vehicle. U-joint grease should be liberally applied in the connecting areas around the transmission, and the connecting points in the rear axle. You should lubricate the U-joints immediately if you suspect this to be the problem, because delaying the maintenance could destroy your U-joints and possibly your drive shaft.

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